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ULTRA-PRECISION HIGH-TORQUE AIR GRINDER ROTUS Interchangeability with a variety of attachments ideal for any applications. A Special Rotary Vane Air Motor is Incorporated The air motor is utilizes a special vane design which keeps constant speed even under load providing stable grinding and polishing operation. Twist Free Hose To prevent twisting of the hose, 360˚ Twist- Free Joint connects the motor and the hose. 17 Types of Attachments for All Types of Applications Capable of infinite applications with 14 different handpieces and 3 types of intermediate attachments. ROTUS Series Features To achieve high torque, ROTUS air motor is assembled with micron precision between the vanes and the internal surface of the cylinder using NAKANISHI's proprietary techniques. ROTUS IM-301 Performance Curve Air Pressure 0.5MPa Speed-Output Characteristics (IM-301) This high performance air motor with minimal power loss from load fluctuation has excellent performance in its grinding stability. Moreover, the motor with minimal air consumption runs quietly and the energy-saving mechanism makes it possible to operate with a 0.75KW (1 hp) air compressor. Speed-Output Characteristics (IM-301+RG-01) Air cooling system generates no heat for continuous operation. By attaching the silencer to the end of the exhaust air tubing, the motor is operated extremely quiet. Twist-Free Joint mechanism is installed in IM-301 to solve the problem of hose twisting. Output Power (W) 10 9 8 7 6 50 4 40 3 30 2 20 1 Torque (cN·m) 60 5 17 types of attachments for all types of applications. * Foot controller is available : used as an ON/OFF switch as well as a variable speed control. Speed-Torque Characteristics (IM-301+RG-01) 11 Lightweight and compact design. 130 g (w/o hose) ON/OFF, FWD./REV. Rotation Direction and Motor Speed can be controlled only by the Ring Switch. Speed-Torque Characteristics (IM-301) 12 10 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Speed ( x 10 3 min -1 ) Specifications Speed : Max. 30,000min -1 (0.4MPa) Proper Air Pressure : 0.3~0.45MPa Air Consumption : 75NL/ min Max. Torque : 6.6 cN • m (0.4MPa) Output Power : 46W